KEEGAN, Ivan Arthur 1906 – 1995 / KEEGAN, David Ivan Harcourt

Ivan Arthur KEEGAN (


1906 Takapau, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand


Christopher (Mick) Michael KEEGAN age 30 and Caroline Amalia AUGUSTINE age 23


Birth of Siblings

Ivan’s sister Jessie Elaine KEEGAN was born in 1907 when Ivan was 1 year old.  His sister Dorothy Vera KEEGAN was born in 1903 when he was 3 and sister Edna Mary Elizabeth KEEGAN WHEN Ivan was 5.  Elaine May KEEGAN was born in 1912 when Ivan was 6 and Noreen (Mollie) Amalia KEEGAN was born in 1914 when Ivan was 8.  His brother Alan John KEEGAN was born 1918 when Ivan was 12 and his sister Marjorie Joan KEEGAN was born in 1920 when Ivan was 14.

Death of Mother

Ivan’s mother Caroline Amalia KEEGAN nee AUGUSTINE died 18 July 1925 at Takapau, New Zealand aged 42.  Ivan was 21.


Ellen Cherrie HARCOURT 1930 New Zealand when he was 24 years old


About Ellen Cherrie HARCOURT

Born:  25 September 1898 Christchurch, New Zealand

Parents:  Alfred James HARCOURT (1886 – 1955) and Margaret Graham DONALDSON (1870 – 1963)

Died:  25 May 1990 Levin, New Zealand

Buried:  1990 The Avenue Cemetery, Levin, New Zealand



David Ivan Harcourt KEEGAN 1936 – 2006



1942 Farm Manager Potts Road, Levin, New Zealand

Death of Father

Ivan’s father, Christopher (Mick) Michael KEEGAN died 1945 at Takapau, New Zealand aged 69.

Death of Sister

His sister Gladys Irene KEEGAN died in 1959 when Ivan Arthur KEEGAN was 53 years old.


1972 Yard Man


1972 – 1995 148 Queen Street, Levin, New Zealand

Death of Siblings

Ivan’s brother Alan John KEEGAN died in 1978, Dorothy Vera KEEGAN died in 1980, Marjorie Joan KEEGAN died in 1981, Edna Mary Elizabeth KEEGAN died in 1982, Elaine May KEEGAN died in 1989.

Death of Wife

Ivan’s wife Ellen Cherrie AUGUSTINE died 25 May 1990 aged 91.  They had been married for 60 years.



31 August 1995 Levin, New Zealand aged 89


4 September 1995 Levin, New Zealand





David Ivan Harcourt KEEGAN (




New Zealand


Ivan Arthur KEEGAN and Ellen Cherrie HARCOURT


1978 at 13 Park Estate Road, Papakura, New Zealand


1978 Builder


9 September 2005 Auckland, New Zealand


Papakura Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand plot PRSAW-C-031


Able Seaman David Ivan KEEGAN 193954 R.N.Z.N Aged 70 Years Died 9th September 2005



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