5.1.2 HALLAM, Geoffrey (1912 – 1990) / HALLAM, Norman William (1938 – 1950) / HALLAM, Owen (1940 – 1951)

Geoffrey HALLAM (5.1.2)


11 February 1912 Paeroa, New Zealand


William Herbert HALLAM and Agnes Gertrude KEEGAN


L-R Children of William Herbert HALLAM and Agnes Gertrude KEEGAN, Claude, Jessie, Geoff


5.1 Children of William Herbert HALLAM and Agnes Gertrude KEEGAN L-R Claude, Constance, Jessie, Geoff




Cabinet Maker for McKewan Furniture Factory


Geoff could play almost any wind instrument in the band.  He also played drums, winning champion Major drummer in New Zealand.  He particularly liked playing public marches.

9.0 Agnes Gertrude KEEGAN with sons Claude and Geoff



Elsie STRANGE 8 August 1936, St Peters Presbyterian Church, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand

About Elsie STRANGE

Born:  10 June 1909 Auckland, New Zealand

Parents:  Alfred Norman STRANGE and Agnes May LOMBARD

Died:  6 December 1987

When Geoffrey was Mayor of Glen Eden, Elsie formed the first Mayoress committee asking for representatives from groups like Plunket, Women’s Institute, Churches and Kindergartens.  It was very successful and carried on by future Mayoresses.



Mayor of Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand 1953 – 1956.  He met with Queen Elizabeth II on her 1953 visit.

Waitakere Gazette 7 May 1953 – Letter by Geoff HALLAM

Fellow citizens,

The Glen Eden Branch of the Labour Party have honoured me with nomination for the position of Mayor of Glen Eden.  It is with pleasure that I accept.  I thank them for the confidence they have placed in me, and I assure all citizens that if elected as Mayor, I will do my utmost to uphold that trust.  The welfare of all ratepayers and the whole Borough, irrespective of party of creed will be my constant consideration

May I clearly state that democratic principles will be upheld if I am in office.  All ratepayers and organisations have unquestioned right to approach Mayor of Council.  I pledge, courteous, equal and unbiased consideration to all.

If elected, I plan to spend a portion of each day in the Borough Office.  This is necessary to the efficient working of the Borough and it’s administration.

My ambition is to see Glen Eden go ahead.  If the drive is not put into Council affairs to reach that objective, Glen Eden will remain in the ‘sleepy hollow groove’, in which it has rested so long:  and perhaps be bypassed by commercial and residential groups which give the Borough the stability that it needs.

The problems of the Borough are many.  Given the confidence of the people, I feel sure I can weld the councillors and citizens into a civic-minded body, who will make Glen Eden a place in which we can all be proud to live.

I solicit, not only your vote on May 9th, but also your support if elected as Mayor.  My promise to you is that I will do all in my power to make Glen Eden the progressive Borough it should be.

G Hallam, J.P.

Letter from Geoff HALLAM 21st of May 1953 – Waitakere Gazette

Fellow citizens –

It is with a feeling of humble pride I thank you for the confidence you have placed in me, by electing me your first Mayor.  My aim is to uphold that trust.  My sincere hope is that at the end of my term of office I can submit a report that the policy on which I was elected has been worked out, and with your cooperation been put into operation.

My thanks go to all those good people who so unselfishly worked for me, not only on Polling Day, but in the weeks preceding.

To those candidates who were not successful, I wish to pay my sincere respects, and to those members of the retiring Town Board who so willingly offered these services and knowledge to help me in my term of office, I wish to publicly thank for their sincere and generous offer.

I am sure that with the full cooperation of all Ratepayers and Citizens, Glen Eden will take it’s pride of place in Greater Auckland.

G Hallam



5.1.2 Geoff HALLAM Mayor page1


5.1.2 Geoff HALLAM Mayor page2





Eight other children


White Swan Road, Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand


28 February 1990 Auckland, New Zealand


HALLAM, William Herbert 23 June 1874 – 25 October 1924, Agnes Gertrude 25 June 1882 – 29 October 1968, Norman William 15 May 1938 – 16 November 1950, Owen Geoffrey 26 February 1940 – 18 August 1951, Elsie Coral 10 June 1909 – 6 December 1987, Geoffrey 11 February 1912 – 28 February 1990.  Always remembered





5.1 Siblings Geoffrey, Jessie and Connie HALLAM



Norman William HALLAM (



15 May 1938


Geoffrey HALLAM and Elsie STRANGE


16 May 1950 Auckland, New Zealand



Owen Geoffrey HALLAM (


15 May 1940 Auckland, New Zealand


Geoffrey HALLAM and Elsie STRANGE


18 August 1951 at 94 Great North Road, Glen Eden aged 11


22 August 1951 Waikemete Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand HALLAM, Owen Burial Record Waikemete Cemetery, Glen Eden, New Zealand