THOMAS, Samuel (1899 – 1918), THOMAS, Betsy, THOMAS, William George Samuel (1920 – ), THOMAS, Dorothy May (1922 – ), THOMAS, Arthur Walter (1926 – 1993)

Children of Isaac Samuel THOMAS


Samuel THOMAS (

Headstone of Samuel THOMAS


1899, New Zealand


Isaac Samuel THOMAS and Annie SHASKEY

Military Service

Signed 25 September 1916 in Wellington.  Embarked HMNZT64 on Vessel Devon for Devonport, England aged 17.  Military serial number 26207.  Rank Rifleman.  Brigade 1st Battalion, New Zealand Army

Samuel (know as Sonny or Sam) went to war with his friend George STEWART.  George and Sam were both killed in the War.  George’s wife May WILCOX later married Sam’s father Isaac Samuel THOMAS.


14 January 1918, England

Cause of Death

World War I


1918 Codford, St Mary, New Churchyard, Wiltshire, England, Gave no. 104


An English girl showed up in New Zealand.  She said that she had married Sam there.  Sam was dead so there was nobody to dispute her.  She became part of the family but there was some doubt about her story.



Mentioned in video and story about Joseph William THOMAS (cousin to Sam THOMAS)  THOMAS, Samuel, Commonwealth war Graves:  https://www.nzwargraves.org.nz/casualties/samuel-thomas  THOMAS, Samuel, Notes from William George Samuel THOMAS December 1992. Interviewer Louise Dixon at Dannevirke, New Zealand


Betsy THOMAS (

No information about Betsy THOMAS or her family seem right. There is a Frederick George Valois who married a Jannie Thomas in 1917 but the dates of children seem too close.


Isaac Samuel THOMAS and Annie SHASKEY


Frederick George VELOUISE


Rosemond Elizabeth VELOUISE 1917 Pahiatua, New Zealand

Sylvester Desmond VELOUISE 1917 Hamilton, New Zealand

Veda Merle VERLOUISE 1919 Te Awamutu, New Zealand

George Frederick Samuel VELOUISE March 1919, Pahiatua, New Zealand

Dazel Mary Ann VELOUISE 1920 Dannevirke, New Zealand

Jessie VELOUISE 1922 Dannevirke, New Zealand

Allan Thomas VELOUISE 1923 Wellington, New Zealand

Ivan Edward VELOUISE 1923 Dannevirke, New Zealand

Patricia Esther May VELOUISE 1926, Wellington, New Zealand

Jean Lorraine VELOUISE 1931, Otorohanga, Waikato, New Zealand



William (Bill) George Samuel THOMAS (

Bill THOMAS at Dannevirke, New Zealand, December 1992


12 March 1920, New Zealand


Isaac Samuel THOMAS and May WILCOX


Elizabeth Jane NORTHCOTT 21 January 1941, New Zealand

Elizabeth Jane NORTHCOTT born 11 January 1921, New Zealand


Military Service

Conscripted with one day’s notice.  Chose to go with his friends rather than go later by himself.  900 men went to camp and got there finding there was no issue.  They slept eight to a tent with wet blankets which had to be folded rather than hung outside.  Bill got measles and was sent home.  He was then sent back to camp only to be sent home again to work on the farms and be of use.  Having such dark skin he wasn’t allowed into South Africa.


Farmed at Pongaroa, New Zealand


Bill was very good friends with his cousin Earnie WOODILL.  They met by chance playing on the same football team.


“I had one of the most lovely and memorable times of my life when I met Bill and Betty in December of 1992.” – Louise Dixon



Mentioned in video and story about Joseph William THOMAS (cousin of William (Bill) George Samuel THOMAS)




Dorothy May THOMAS (

Born:  1922, Pongaroa, New Zealand

Parents:  Isaac Samuel THOMAS and May WILCOX




Arthur Walter THOMAS (

Born:  1926, Pongaroa, New Zealand (March Quarter)

Parents:  Isaac Samuel THOMAS and May WILCOX

Married:  Alfie BANNISTER

Died:  1993, Dannevirke, New Zealand




Bill Thomas talked about a sister Dolly.  This could be another child or it could be his sister Dorothy May THOMAS.  There are two other sisters whose names were provided by someone researching the DINGWELL family Pearle Roseline THOMAS and Eileen THOMAS.  I haven’t been able to find anything to suggest that they belong to this family