CHANDLER, Howard Copley 1914 – 1988 / Mary CHANDLER, Mary

Howard Copley CHANDLER (


15 June 1914 Halifax, Yorkshire, England


Alfred CHANDLER age 29 and Hettie COPLEY age 26



Death of Mother

Hettie COPLEY died 19 February 1934 Yorkshire, England age 46


1938 – 1939 at Hillcroft, Pontefract, Yorkshire, England


1939 Butcher at Pontefract, Yorkshire, England

Universal Blackouts during World War II

1939 Howard Copley CHANDLER would have experienced government regulated blackouts during World War II while living in Yorkshire, England

Britain Declares War on Germany

Howard would have felt the impact of in 1939 of Britain declaring war on Nazi Germany


Alice DENTON 1946 Pontefract, Yorkshire, England.  Howard was 32

Birth of Daughter

Mary CHANDLER was born 1947 at Pontefract, Yorkshire, England

Death of Daughter

Mary CHANDLER died October 1947 at Pontefract, Yorkshire, England.  She was buried at Darrington, Yorkshire, England on 20 October 1947

Death of Father

Alfred CHANDLER died 1974 aged 89.


1979 Thorntree Farm, Balne, Goole, Yorkshire, England


1988 at 2 Whitefield Bungalows, Doncaster, England


2 May 1988 Goole, Yorkshire, England age 74


1988 St John the Baptist Churchyard, Pollington, East Riding, Yorkshire, England


In Loving Memory of a Dear Husband and Father Howard Copley CHANDLER died 2nd May 1988 aged 74 years.  Also his beloved wife Alice Died 11 January 1996 aged 80 years.  Reunited.


25 July 1988 Leeds, Yorkshire, not exceeding 70,000 pounds CHANDLER, Howard Copley, England and Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) 1988 Carsley-Coates


Alice Denton (Wife of Howard Copley CHANDLER

Born:  28 January 1916 Wentbridge, Yorkshire, England

Died:  January 1996 Pontefract, Yorkshire, England age 80





1947 Pontefract, Yorkshire, England


Howard Copley CHANDLER and Alice DENTON




1947 Pontefract, Yorkshire, England age 12 hours


20 October 1947 Darrington, Yorkshire, England CHANDLER, Mary, West Yorkshire, England, Church of England Deaths and Burials, Darrington with Wentbridge 1949


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