1.5.5 THOMAS, Marian Jane (1862 – 1900)

Marian Jane THOMAS (1.5.5)

Marian Jane THOMAS


1862 North Dalton, Yorkshire, England


William THOMAS and Jane WOODILL


10 May 1862 North Dalton, Yorkshire, England



17 May 1863 left England.  Arrived in New Zealand on 5 September 1863

Travelled on The Captain Cook commanded by Captain Cleaver.  The ship was built in Quebec in 1854.  It was 195 feet long, 37 feet wide, and 22.5 feet deep.

Three infants on The Captain Cook arrived with both parents dead, five whose mother’s were dead and two instances where fathers were considered too young and unfit to take charge of babies.  There were 11 deaths on the voyage and the ship was placed in quarantine on arrival in New Zealand as many of the people were sick with Typhoid symptoms.  An improvement of the onboard female hospital was noted but it was still not big enough to accomodeate those who were sick.  The upper deck had leaked through leaving nowhere dry.

The ship had been caught by heavy gales, one which developed into a hurricane leaving the ship quite damaged.  Icebergs were also encountered.  The passangers spoke highly of the kindness of Captain Cleaver and his Chief Officer

The Captain Cook


William James MISSEN 23 April 1884, Akaroa, New Zealand


Violet May GLEESON (adopted)

Information about Violet May GLEESON

Born:  about 1887, Canterbury, New Zealand to Rosa Clare GLEESON

Adopted:  1890 by Marian Jane THOMAS and William James MISSEN

Married:  Ernest BAKER at Waharoa, Matamata-Piako, Waikato, New Zealand

Children:  Ella Daphne BAKER born 27 July 1910, Hamilton, New Zealand.  Died:  1972


27 January 1900, Masterton, New Zealand


1900 in Archer Street Cemetery, Masterton, New Zealand

1.5.5 William and Marian (Polly) MISSEN in 1884


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Information about William James MISSEN (husband of Marian Jane THOMAS)











Born:  25 May 1860 Christchurch, New Zealand

Parents:  Bateman Thomas MISSEN and Sarah MADLEY

Died:  22 June 1945 Palmerston North, New Zealand

Married:  Marian Jane THOMAS 23 April 1884, Akaroa, New Zealand

Bankrupt:  31 January 1888, Christchurch, New Zealand

Married:  Jane Dawson ALDERSON 17 July 1901 Wairarapa, New Zealand

1.5.5/1 William MISSEN in 1901 with second wife Jane Dawson MISSEN nee ALDERSON


Accident:  28 April 1928 Hit by a car in Palmerston North, New Zealand

Died:  22 June 1945 Palmerston North, New Zealand


Children of William James MISSEN and second wife Jane Dawson ALDERSON

William John MISSEN 4 April 1902

Henry Edwin MISSEN 4 July 1904

Evelyn Jane MISSEN 1 May 1906

Amy Sarah Elizabeth MISSEN 5 February 1908

Frank Bateman MISSEN 4 September 1909

Charles Hector MISSEN 25 February 1913

Eric Alderson MISSEN 14 May 1914

Vivian Percival MISSEN 28 December 1915

1.5.5:1 Headstone William James MISSEN and Jane Dawon ALDERSON


Bankruptcy William MISSEN