16. BATES, Elizabeth Ann

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Elizabeth Ann BATES


11 November 1856 St Helen’s Lancashire, England

Birth Registered

19 November 1856 Prescot, St Helen’s, Lancashire, England


16. Elizabeth Ann BATES English Birth Certificate



Joseph BATES and Annie CLARK


28 November 1858 Arrived in Littleton, New Zealand on the ship ‘Indiana’. Left London 2 August 1858


1877 Millina

1884 Ran a drapery business from a shop owned by her father Joseph BATES at Akaroa, Bank’s Peninsula, New Zealand


John Woodill THOMAS

12 November 1877 Akaroa, Bank’s Peninsula, New Zealand



1.4 New Zealand Marriage Certificate John Woodill THOMAS and Elizabeth Ann BATES
1.4 New Zealand Marriage Certificate John Woodill THOMAS and Elizabeth Ann BATES



Joseph William THOMAS

John Harrold THOMAS

Annette Mary Eleanor Jane THOMAS


16. Eliza Ann BATES with son Joseph William THOMAS and his wife Helena Caroline KEEGAN



John HEWETT 1 April 1884 St Peter’s Anglican Church, Akaroa, new Zealand


16. St Peter’s Church, Akaroa, Bank’s Peninsula, New Zealand


16 Elizabeth Ann BATES and John HEWETT New Zealand Marriage Register


About John HEWETT


16:2 HEWETT, John showing grandson how to hold a shotgun


16:2 HEWETT, John, New Zealand Death Certificate



James Gordon HEWITT

Stanley John Livingstone HEWITT

John Edward HEWITT


4 June 1885 Eliza’s drapery business failed forcing John to file for bankruptcy. In his sworn statement to the Official Assignee in Bankruptcy, on 4 June 1885, he stated that the business had been carried on by his wife for about three years. He said: “She has left the business and the place and I do not know where she is at present. I have filed my petition in consequence as I know there are large liabilities but I do not know to whom”. Two weeks later Eliza had been located and swore a statement which revealed some fairly loose business arrangements, not common today, but probably typical of the time. By 1887 John was out of bankruptcy and he published a notice in the local newspaper stating he was no longer responsible for his wife’s debts.


1904 son Stanley had an accident. He was describe as ‘son of Mrs Hewitt of Wainui’. There was no mention of John, his father. Eliza and John never reconciled.


About 1890.  John charged with assaulting Eliza on 21 December 1889. The report on the court case said: “the evidence disclosed a meleancholy state of affairs”. John was fined one shilling.  After John and Eliza had separated custody was awarded of the two children, Gordon and Stanley to Eliza, and John was ordered to pay maintenance. Eldest son Edward was not included in the custody and maintenance orders as he was being brought up by his aunt and uncle. John failed to keep up the maintenance payments so the matter was back in court in July 1891. By this time John was working in Pahiatua bush felling.


13 July 1916 at 317 Montreal Street, Christchurch, New Zealand.  A house most likely owned by, and shared with, her daughter Annette

Cause of Death

Cordis morbus, 9 years, Chronic Nephritis 7 years 4 months, Ulcer of the palate and pharygtis 1 and 3 quarter months. Exhaustion 1 month, Uraenia 10 days


16. Elizabeth Ann BATES New Zealand Death Register



15 July 1916 Private Internment, Linwood Cemetery, Christchurch, New Zealand


10 July 1916 Husband John HEWITT not named as executor or beneficiary


20 July 1916 Filed in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Executors Harold Thomas and Hans Kennedy – Estate valued at under 800 pounds.

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