47.1 NOONAN, William John (1881 – 1962 )

William John NOONAN (47.1)


27 August 1881 Cobden, Victoria, Australia


Richard John NOONAN and Anna Maria MEAGHER

Birth of Siblings

When William John NOONAN was 2, his sister Kate Theresa NOONAN was born.  Another sister followed when he was four; Mary Frances (Molly) NOONAN in 1885.  When William was 8 a brother Richard Hugh NOONAN was born in 1889.  In 1893 another brother was born Patrick Joseph NOONAN.  William was 12 at that time.  His twin sisters Alice Elizabeth NOONAN and Ann Maria NOONAN were born when he was 14 years old in 1895.  Another sister came a year later Alexandria Agnes NOONAN was born in 1896 when John was 15.  When John was 17 a brother John De Vere NOONAN was born in 1898 followed by Edward Aubrey NOONAN in 1900 when William was 19.  When William’s youngest brother Daniel Augustine NOONAN was born in 1903, William was 22 years old.  Albert Clarence NOONAN was born in 1905.  William was 25.

Death of Brother

Albert Clarence NOONAN died in 1906 as a baby.  William was 26.


William John NOONAN married Alice Irene MCMAHON 8 June 1910 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia when he was 29 years old.


William John NOONAN served in the military in 1914 when he was 33 years old.  He may have been one of your than 370,000 Australian soldiers transported to Europe on a troopship to fight in World War I.  After his service in World War I, William John NOONAN might have participated in the soldier settlement programme.


1942 Military Officer


47.2 Back L-R Margaret NOONAN, Frank NOONAN, Sheila NOONAN, Kevin NOONAN Front L-R Bro Noel NOONAN, Alice NOONAN (nee MCMAHON), William John NOONAN



John William (Noel) NOONAN

Francis Peter (Frank) NOONAN

Shiela Mary NOONAN – 1918

Kevin Joseph NOONAN

Margaret NOONAN


47. L-R Sheila NOONAN, William John NOONAN, Margaret NOONAN, Kevin NOONAN, Noel NOONAN, Alice NOONAN (nee MCMAHON), Frank Elstenwicks, Victoria, Australia


46. Grandchildren


Grandchildren in front of Vincent and Shiela’s first car


Death of Siblings

His brother Patrick Joseph NOONAN died in 1922 when William John NOONAN was 41 years old.  His brother Frederick died in 1931 when William John was 50 years old.

Death of Mother

His mother Annie died 22 January 1932 at Geelong, Victoria, Australia.  William John NOONAN was 51 years old.

Death of Siblings

 His sister Kate Theresa NOONAN died in 1936 when William John NOONAN was 55 years old.  His sister Alice Elizabeth died in 1942 when William John NOONAN was 61 years old.

Death of Father

William John NOONANs father died in 1950 at Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia aged 85

Death of Siblings

His sister Mary Frances (Molly) NOONAN died in 1952 when William John NOONAN was 71 years old.  His brother Richard Hugh NOONAN died in 1962 when William John NOONAN was 80 years old.



William John NOONAN died 22 September 1962 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia.  He was 81 years old.




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