10.4 ******* William AUTON

William AUTON (10.4)


1735 Yorkshire, England


William AUTON 1713 – 1767 and Margaret ABER


William AUTON married Margaret THOMPSON 17 April 1769 OR 9 November 1769 Ripon 0R 9 September 1769, Yorkshire, England

Birth of Children

Margaret Ann AUTON born 1770 Ripon, Yorkshire, England

Sarah AUTON born 14 December 1771 Fountains Park, Yorkshire, England

Ann AUTON born 1772 Fountains Park, Yorkshire, England

Robert AUTON born 1774 Yorkshire, England (lived until 1853 not mentioned in William AUTONs will so may not belong)

William AUTON born 11 March 1775 Fountains Park, Yorkshire, England

Christopher AUTON born 1779 Yorkshire, England

Elizabeth AUTON 1783

Jane AUTON 1786 not mentioned in Will

Thomas AUTON 1788 – 1849


7 August 1792

Excutor:  Margaret THOMPSON or Christopher AUTON of Butcher House should wife remarry.

To wife Margaret THOMPSON  clear yearly rent or sum of 10 pounds paid out of estates at Hobgreen and Sawley in two half yearly payments each year on 10 October and 5 April in equal portions.

Custody of children to Margaret THOMPSON and Christopher AUTON of Butcher House to receive portions of estate until children are of age


10.4 AUTON, William Last Will and Testament



11 September 1792 Aldfield, Ripon, Yorkshire, England

Cause of Death

Killed by a Bull



Margaret Ann AUTON (10.4.1)


Sarah AUTON (10.4.2)


Robert AUTON (10.4.3)


1774 Yorkshire, England


William AUTON and Margaret THOMPSON