39 MYERS, Jane

Jane MYERS (39)


29 May 1807 Darley, Yorkshire, England


William MYERS age 46 and Mary HARDCASTLE age 35


28 June 1807 Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire, England


Christopher AUTON 29 July 1833 Hampstwaite, Yorkshire, England.  Witnesses:  John MYERS, Joseph MYERS, Thomas MYERS.  Jane was 26


10.2 St Thomas a Beckett, Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire, England where Christopher AUTON and Jane MYERS were married



William AUTON 9 January 1834 Sawley, Yorkshire, England

Christopher AUTON 9 January 1834 Darley/Sawley, Yorkshire, England

Thomas AUTON 1835 Sawley, Yorkshire, England



1841 Yorkshire, England


1841 Ann INGELBY with the family on census night.  AUTONs married INGLEBYs Possibly a relative


39 MYERS, Jane 1841 England Census, Yorkshire, Ripon, Markington



Myers AUTON born 14 November 1845 Lakeside Farm, Eavestone, Yorkshire, England

Death of Husband

Christopher AUTON died 23 March 1848 at Eavestone, Sawley, Yorkshire, England aged 41.  They had been married 14 years.

Birth of Son

Hardcastle AUTON born 1848 Darley, Yorkshire, England


1851 at Darley, Yorkshire, England with her children Myers AUTON and Hardcastle AUTON.  Lived with her Brother Joseph MYERS and widowed mother Mary HARDCASTLE.  Noted as Farmer’s Houskeeper on the census.


39 MYERS, Jane, 1851 England Census, Yorkshire, Menwith with Darley


Death of Prince Albert

Jane MYERS was living in Darley, Yorkshire, England in 1861 when Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert, died suddenly.


1861 at Darley, Yorkshire, England living as an annuitant with son Hardcastle AUTON who was going to school


39 MYERS, Jane 1861 England Census, Yorkshire, Menwith with Darley


Death of Sons

Thomas AUTON died 7 April 1866 Grantley, Yorkshire, England of consumption at the age of 25

Christopher AUTON died 11 September 1866 at Ripon, Yorkshire, England age 31

Marriage of Son

Myers AUTON married Annie HOLDSWORTH 26 May 1867 Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire, England


1871 at the home of William AUTON – (brother-in-law) and his wife Hannah INGELBY.  Also their children, Joseph AUTON, William AUTON and Elizabeth AUTON  AUTON, Elizabeth, 1871 England Census, Yorkshire, Grantley



1879 Sawley, Yorkshire, England


4 June 1879 St Michael’s and All Angels, Sawley, Yorkshire, England


In affectionate remembrance of Jane AUTON relent of Christopher AUTON who died May 1879.  Also William AUTON son of the above who died January 9th 1895 aged 61 years.


39 Headstone Jane MYERS and William AUTON, St Michael and All Angels, Sawley, Yorkshire, England




39 MYERS, Jane, 1851 England Census, Yorkshire, Menwith with Darley