81.2 KAYSER, Johan Louis 1908 – 1996

Johan Louis KAYSER (81.2)


5 January 1908 Queensland, Australia


Johann Louis KAYSERs parents were Johann KAYSER age 44 and Augusta Christina BUSIKO age 40


Johan Louis KAYSER married Elise Elizabeth APELT on 30 July 1927 Queensland, Australia when he was 19 years old.




There are references to Johan Louis KAYSER living 1930 – 1933 at Robertson Street, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.  He was living in Toowoomba when Australians were suffering through the Great Depression.  He would have voted in the federal election 1934 perhaps hoping for change.

Death of Father

Johan Louis KAYSERs father Johan KAYSER passed away on 4 October 1933 at Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia age 69.

Death of Mother

His mother Augusta Christina KAYSER nee BUSIKO died 10 July 1957 in Queensland, Australia age 89.

Death of Wife

Johan Louis KAYSERs wife Elsie Elizabeth KAYSER nee APELT passed away 18 June 1995 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia at the age of 92.  They had been married for 68 years.


31 July 1996 Queensland, Australia age 88



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